Paintout Reviews 2014-15

Agua Caliente Park, August 11, 2014



Our opening paintout of the 2014-15 season held in conjunction with the Fall 2014 Agua Caliente Ranch House Gallery Show.

A bit of a change of pace with Lois doing a demonstration portrait of Bradford Taylor. Lois is an outstanding artist whose demos are alway enterting and full of useful tips.


Our members were: (If you have an attendence list, please forward to Web Coordinator Tom Higgins .








Paintout Reviews 2013-14

Madera Canyon, May 17, 2014



What a beautiful day, at 4,000 feet for our last paint out of the season. The Proctor Ramada offered plenty of shade and cool temps.


Our members were: Walter Porter, Ron Schlorff, Betsy Kimbourgh, George Bruzenak, Lou Knight, Diane Lewis, Bob Ludtke, Joyce Nelson, Laurie Williams.

Madera Canyon


Walter & Joyce admiring Diane Lewis' Work

Lou Knight's Masterpeice


Bob Ludtke at work


Mt. Lemmon Community Center, May 3, 2014



Beautiful day to paint/draw/kick back! Definitely a destination to be repeated. Russ Recchion captured a canyon vista at Inspiration Rock looking south to Mt. Wrightson. The group scattered to various sites nearby and displayed a broad selection of subjects and interpretations of the piney vistas. A big thank you to Russ for a super demo and selecting a super site.


The attendees include: Joyce Nelson, Bob Luedke, Dianne Lewis, Russ Recchion, Gay Scheibl, Becky Neideffer, Janice Mackenzie, Terri Gay, Carol Swinney, Sara Webber, Walter Porter, Norm Sherwood, Ron Schlorff, Angela Alter, Susan Woodward, Laurie Williams, George Bruzenack and Wendy Burroughs of Pima County Natural Resources and Recreation. (Apologies to anyone I missed or misspelled.)

Russ at Work - Demo


Russ' Finished Demo

Beautiful People on a Beautiful Day


Laurie Paints George


Picacho Peak State Park - April 13, 2014



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Brandi Fenton Park - April 5, 2014




Another one of TPAPS' Pima County Parks events! Great morning for a paint out for plein air artists and for a work out for the Beat Cancer Boot Campers. They sweated while we watched Walter Porter tackle the intense bougainvilleas on the patio of the ranch house. 


Watchers included: Tom Higgins, Michael Lundquist, Terri Gay, Gloria Wyckoff, Laurie Williams, Carol Swinney, Joyce Nelson and Ron Schlorff. 


Walter's Demo


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Walter's Sketch
Walter's Demo






Sabino Canyon Paintout & TPAPS Annual Meeting - March 9, 2014




Annual meeting notes forwarded from Terri Gay...


Wind was the word of the day! The Members' meeting was held in a patio next to the Sabino Canyon Visitor Center. Nineteen of us lunched on tasty pizza (thanks, Joyce!).


Business proceedings included offering our likes, dislikes and suggestions for future TPAPS activities via a questionnaire. The spring show at an excellent Plaza Palomino gallery space and a new online TPAPS show details were announced, encouraging submission of entries as soon as possible (see entry forms on website).

Members were asked to help promote the Rock Jackson scholarship for high school and community college students for instruction by their choice of TPAPS Signature Artists. That application for teachers to make nominations of qualified students is available on the website as well.


Our sturdy sandblasted group of attendees includes: Joyce Nelson, Bob Luedke, Dianne Lewis, Terry Bowman, Louise Sackett, Russ Recchion, Marsha Davis, Kay Phillips, Gay Scheibl, Becky Neideffer, Janice Mackenzie, Terri Gay, Carol Swinney, Walter Porter, Pablo de Leon, Norm Sherwood, Ron Schlorff, Jack Wahl and Tom Higgins.


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Sarasota Trailhead, Cat Mountain - March 1, 2014




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Tubac Presidio and Village, February 16, 2014



Sunny warm winter Tubac kind of day. The park kindly admitted us early. Buildings, mesquites and shadows dominated the subject choices. Good to see Louise from Silver City, and welcome to Alan Pullman who is plein-air-curious. Some of us took the opportunity afterwards to visit Geren Gallery to view Walter Porter, Lois Griffel, Jack Wahl and Russ Recchion paintings. The Arizona Aqueous show was on at the Tubac Center for the Arts, as well.


Robert Ludke, Dianne Lewis, Louise Sackett, Marsha Davis, Pablo de Leon, Meredith Milstead, Gay Scheibl, Alan Pullman, guest, Betsy Kimbrough, Karen, guest, Terri Gay.  

Our Group


Bob's Building

Gay Paints as Betsy Kimbrough Watches


Karen Doing Gouache

Louise Sackett


Marsha Davis

Pablo de Leon

Gates Pass Overlook, February 1, 2014




We had 9 intrepid painters today at Gates Pass. We all stood in the rain for 20 minutes or more before it let up enough for Roger Alderman to set up. The ever-changing skies made for some fanciful cloud scenes. Roger laid down a quick palette knife painting that captured the dramatic view.


Kay Phillips, Michael Lundquist, Tom Higgins, Norm Sherwood, and Ron Schlorff set up and painted following the demo. Walter Porter hung in there despite being “under-the-weather” giving helpful tips and encouragement to the painters.  

Roger explains his choice of subject


Roger blocks in his selection

Taking a final form


Tom captures the sunrise

Kay's way house


Walter, Norm, Wendy, Ron and Roger

University of Arizona Campus, January 12, 2014


Overcast, a bit cold. Most of us focused on the turtle pond and its palms, but the surroundings offered other choices of architecture, trees and more.

-- Terri Gay


Artists: Ida Melen, Tom Higgins, Norm Sherwood, Laurie Williams, Joyce Nelson, Terri Gay, Denyse Fenelon


Ida Melen


laurie and joyce

Norm Sherwood


Tom Higgins

Honey Bee Canyon, January 4, 2014

Demonstration & Critique by Lois Griffel


Exceptional turnout, overcast day, Lois made a dim day "vibrate" in her painting. Nice critique afterwards with a good showing of participants' work. Great vistas of the Santa Catalina Mountains' west side.

-- Terri Gay


Bob Ludtke, Diane Lewis, Carole Beckwith, Carolyn Watson, Walter Porter, Lois Griffel, Gloria Wyckoff, guest Susan Scott, Turning Bear Mason, Cheryl Spaulding, Susan Wiggins, Martha Williams, Norm Sherwood, Michael Lundquist, Beth, Patty, Pablo de Leon, Pam Latura, Peter Farrow
Wendy Buroughs,Pima Parks.




Peter Farrow

Lois Griffel's Demonstration


Group Critique


Lois Griffel

Tumacacori Historical Site - December 21, 2013


Low, gray-bottomed clouds provided an interesting backdrop for the scenic little Tumacacori Mission. The cold morning was slow to warm up much and the breezy gusts made it a little chillier. A few visitors to the park wandered by to see our work. Walter nailed a nice painting of the mission with the mountains visible through the bell tower. (Note to self: Park opens at 9 a.m., not 8 a.m. And it is $3 per painter person.) Fortunately, Sylvia of the National Park Service took pity on the freezing artists and sneaked us in the back door.

-- Terri Gay


Walter Porter; Terri Gay; Laurie Williams; Barb Simcoe; Betsy Kimbrough


Walter Porter


Barb Simcoe

Betsy Kimbrough


Laurie Williams


King Canyon/Tucson Mountain Park, December 7, 2013


A cold start turned into a sunny cool morning. Walter Porter filled in for Lois Griffel and worked his way through a desert hillside scene with dramatic shadows. He’s painted here in the past, and pointed out the “no-lose” scenery with views to Kitt Peak, Baboquivari, the bajada and many more classic desert subjects.

-- Terri Gay


Artists: George Brazenak; Gay Scheibl and Pete the Paint Out dog; Meredith Milstead; Walter Porter; Terri Gay; Bob Luedtke; Dianne Lewis; Kay Phillips; Pablo de Leon; Ron Schlorff; Michael Lundquist; Susan Wiggins and Valerie Milner-Graham


Diane Setting Up


Walter uses a viewfinder for a thumbnail sketch

Walter.s Demo Painting

Sanders Road Preserve - November 17, 2013


Full moon setting (yes, NOT rising J ); sun rising; Santa Cruz River flowing. Hot air balloons floated in the distance and small planes buzzed overhead as we painted.

Early bird award goes to Becky Niedeffer who was working away well before 7 a.m.! And a special shout out goes to guest Meredith Milstead. Hope we see you again at another paint out!

Great weather, mild temperatures and a very few clouds made for a great morning.

Next paint out is at King Canyon, 2020 N. Kinney Rd.  Saturday, December 7, 8 a.m. Lois Griffel is our demonstration/critique artist (thanks, Lois!).

--Terri Gay


Artists: George Brazenak; Gay Scheibl and Pete; Meredith Milstead; David Thompson; Walter Porter; Norm Sherwood; Terri Gay; Bob Luedtke; Dianne Lewis



Gay Scheibl and Pete the Paint Out Dog


Bob and Norm discuss the morning’s work

Becky gets the best light of the day.

Ceinega Creek Preserve - November 2, 2013


It was a pretty day, but it was also pretty breezy. To get us out of the wind for the demonstration by Signature Artist Walter Porter, we trekked down into the Cienega Creek wash. Morning shadows and a little bit of fall color combined into a good subject for the demo. A herd of UA botany students filed into, then eventually, out of the scene. Walter was tempted to paint all 53 of them, but opted out of the opportunity.


Words from Walter

    Take less that 3 minutes to do your thumbnail sketch

  •     Once you get into the painting,“Drawing is tremendously overlooked. Drawing, drawing, drawing.”
  •     Check John Carlson book for info on the 4 value planes and 5 types of light


Artists: David, Pablo, Geri, Lois, Annie, Molly and friend and Terri Gay enjoyed the morning.



The Subject


The Start

The Sketch...

Laying In...

In Progress...

The Finish

Linda Vista Trailhead - October 26, 2013

At the foot of Pusch Ridge and Shadow Mountain in Oro Valley, this location called for a quick sunrise study. The light moved fast (when doesn’t it?) but that didn’t deter our crew of eight from getting in some good work. Nearly all of us had finished by about 11. Sunset would be a great time to paint here if you have the inclination.

Hope to see you all at the Cienega Creek paint out on Saturday, November 2!

--Terri Gay


Artists: David, Pablo, Geri, Lois, Annie, Molly and friend and Terri Gay enjoyed the morning.



David & Pablo


Geri Acosta

Molly & Friend Show Their Work

Pablo De Leon

Aqua Caliente Park - October 12; 2013

Annual paintout and Wet Paint Sale.

Tucson Plein Air Painter's, in conjunction with the Pima Parks, 2013-2014 season kicked off with a demonstration by president Jack Wahl, followed by a paint out and reception at the Ranch House Gallery. The show hangs until November 6, 2013.

It was a perfect day for painting with beautiful works produced by many of our members and guests.


The attendees were: Walter Porter, Norm Sherwood, Russ Recchion, Joyce Nelson, Susan Woodward, Wendy Burroughs, Pablo de Leon, Jack Wahl, Kay Phillips, Gay Scheibl, Bruce and Gloria Wyckoff Debra Thompson, Nancy Schuller, Bradford Turner, Becky Neideffer, Tom Higgins, Denyse Fenelon, Peter Farrow, Michael Lundquist, Laurie Williams


Jack's Demo

Jack's Demo

Wet Paint Sale

Tom Higgins

Neideffer - Aqua Caliente Point